Alexander Technique in Ashfield, Sydney

Alexander Technique in Ashfield, Sydney

The Alexander Technique is now well over 100 years old. In that time it has helped many people recover from injury, improve their performance in their chosen area, and learn to live more comfortably in a sustainably healthy way.

We all develop our own habitual ways of sitting, standing, typing at the computer. Over time we grow into a posture that reflects these habits. Eventually, we may grow into a posture which begins to affect our performance, or cause discomfort or pain.

The technique can teach you to change these unhelpful and probably unnoticed habits, so you can grow into a healthy posture with enough space for you to be comfortable and function well.

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About Bradley Newman

Bradley Newman teaches the Alexander Technique in Sydney

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique in Sydney since 2000. I am also a professional pianist, and I used the technique to return to playing after developing RSI in the 1990s.

The technique helped me learn to do things differently, more efficiently. This was not just at the piano but through the whole day, in all my activities. This helped me return to good health and now I can (and occasionally do) play eight hours a day if needed, confident the old pain can’t return.

After a few years slumped over a desk studying science at university, and then a few more years working full time as a pianist, I found myself in pain. I had pins and needles in both arms, and muscle ache and fatigue in my arms and shoulders. Some treatments helped for a while, but the pain always returned. I still played piano in a similar way, a way that tensed and damaged my body.

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For teachers in other areas please see Alexander Technique Education, a professional society of AT teachers based in Australia.