Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman Alexander Technique with Bradley Newman


For over 100 years people have learnt to change the way they hold and move their bodies, and to change they way they think about movement. The Alexander Technique helps you gradually grow into a natural, efficient posture. Your body and mind can function more effectively, and conditions associated with the old habits of movement - such as pain, stiffness or discomfort - tend to recede. Musicians study the technique to prevent injury and improve performance, as do actors and sportspeople.

I'd been working as a full time pianist when I developed RSI

After a few years slumped over a desk studying science at university, and then a few more years working full time as a pianist, I found myself in pain - I had pins and needles in both arms, and muscle ache and fatigue in my arms and shoulders. Some treatments helped for a while, but the pain always returned - I still played piano in a similar way, a way that damaged my body. The Alexander Technique taught me to do things differently, more efficently. It helped me return to the piano so I can play eight hours a day if needed, confident the old pain can't return. I teach my students the lessons I have learnt - that we can damage ourselves if we mis-use ourselves; that we may not be aware we are doing this; that we continue to harm ourselves simply by doing things they way we always have. I teach people how to use their bodies efficiently, reliably, confidently. And better health follows.